Thursday, 5 February 2015

Finds Cleaning & Sorting Sessions Reminder

Hello keen volunteer archaeologists :-) 

Just a reminder that finds cleaning sessions are still running on the following dates:

Sat 7th Feb
Sat 14th Feb
Sat 21st Feb
Sat 28th Feb
Sat 7th of March

Please contact us if you wish to attend. 

Sessions run from 11-3pm each Saturday though there is no obligation to do all 4 hours.  All sessions are run at Big Storage,  White Lund,  Morecambe.  Those interested in attending will be emailed map,  directions and some basic guidelines. 

Morecambe Heritage needs volunteers to help with the cleaning, bagging & sorting of these finds.  So if you're interested please contact us.

The finds are from an archaeological excavation which took place in the former beer garden of the Morecambe Hotel in April 2014.

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